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Blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract people to your website. Learn how.


Content must hit the right note by being relevant and comprehensible to your audience.


Improve your online conversion with social media. Context is key!

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A blog is an excellent and easily accessible way to show your knowledge and expertise to the world while also establishing connections with the people who appreciate what you have to say: your new and existing business relations.

Blogging is also one of the most effective ways to attract people to your website. However, a blog needs regular updating, and maybe you won’t always have the time, inspiration or simply the inclination to write something for your commercial blog. If that’s the case, why not let Zeekhoe Communicatie do it for you?

We will use the blog to share your vision, expertise and enthusiasm
Each blog post will be based on a short interview or the contents of an e-mail, and will always be optimized for the best search engine results (SEO)
By having us write your blog, you’ll be able to get your message across to loyal customers and also ensure that it is found by new prospects
We are already experienced in writing blogs for businesses in the fields of IT and IT security, education, finance, e-commerce, social media and consumer marketing.

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We help to put your vision into words

It’s not for everyone: producing well-written, relevant articles or posts that also grab the attention of your target audience. It takes time, inspiration and, in all probability, the right mood to come up with the goods. Most people don’t have all of these, all of the time, and this is why it’s become quite normal to contract these activities out to a third party: Zeekhoe Communicatie, for example! We ensure that our written content hits the right note by being relevant and comprehensible to your target audience, not just to you and your business. We also make sure the right keywords are used to ensure your business is easy or even easier to find online.

Online content creation

  • Web articles and posts: search engine optimized and informative content
  • Blogs: up to the minute and engaging articles about news, trends or your corporate vision
  • Social media: news items for various social media channels, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
  • Press releases
  • Bylined articles /online columns

Paper and digital content creation

  • Brochures (product-related or corporate/business information)
  • White papers
  • Reference articles (by business contacts or on business cases)
  • Bylined articles / columns for magazines and other publications
  • In-house and relation magazines

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Giving attention = getting attention

People are always on the look out for interesting content to share on their own timelines. They can do this by ‘liking’ social media pages, including those run by businesses such as yours. In this context, it is in fact the ‘context’ that counts the most, because people will normally fill their own timelines with content that suits the context of their own pages in terms of it being fun, interesting and relevant. So your articles, images and videos need to be tailored – or, indeed, tick all the right boxes – in order to match or fit the context of your target audience’s own social media channels.

We at Zeekhoe Communicatie write articles for our clients, but also produce their images, graphics and videos, so that they match the context that people in your target audience have created and want to maintain on their Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn pages. And we never forget that your business reputation and image are at stake, not only with the social media audience but also with organizations like Facebook and Google+. These social media giants are in fact highly selective and demanding about what businesses may and may not do on their networks and services. It’s a matter of life or death to these social media companies, because – in the long run – their future success or failure depends on people continuing to like and use their social media channels.

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